PigTail Flipper Information

Other facts about the PigTail® Food Flipper:

- The PigTail replaces Tongs, Forks and Spatula. We grew tired of poking two big holes in the food with forks; food rolling and sliding off a spatula and onto the ground; and tongs were just too rough on the food and non-stick pans.

- All PigTails are made of surgical-grade, stainless steel and come with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

- The “Baby” PigTail can hold up to 8 pounds. The longer 19” PigTail can handle up to 15 lbs. while keeping you hand safely away from the heat or flames.

- The tip can also be used to clean the carbon and gunk off the top, bottom and sides of a grill grate; the “hard to get stuff” that you can’t get to with a regular grill brush.

- You can also use the tip to easily loosen food that sticks to the grill. Just slide the tip between the food and the grill grate and see how easily the food is loosened without ruining the meat!

What People Are Saying About the PigTail® Food Flipper

“A cooking tool with a silly name and a seriously functional form.” Fine Cooking Magazine

“It’s the weirdest, funkiest, most effective barbecue tool since the charcoal chimney.” Louisville Courier Journal

“As simple as it looks, this is a product that works! I vote it one of our Top Ten Kitchen Gadgets for the year” Chile Pepper Magazine

“The PigTail? What a cool tool!” Steven Raichlen, best selling author of The Barbecue Bible and How to Grill

“The PigTail is one sleek tool!” N. Y. Times, Florence Fabricant

“I just used my PigTail to barbecue some beef. Wow! Your product is fantastic. I can toss out my other BBQ tools now that I PigTail.” R. Lichten, Memphis, TN “I received my PigTail in a wooden box today. I really want to tell you that the whole is just beautiful, beautifully finished and beautifully packaged. M. H. Dunlop, Chicago, IL

My wife recently gave me a set of the pig tail food flippers for our anniversary. I am 65 and have been barbequing for many years and I must say that this is the handiest accessory I’ve ever used. I’ve even used it today while cooking some chicken breasts indoors. It has always been a problem to grab a chicken breast in a pan but no longer! The pig tail works great! It also is fantastic for removing a chicken from a beer butt cooker. I’ve just ordered a set for my son-in-law for Christmas. Thanks for such a wonderful gadget. A.Talber

I originally bought one of your pigtails for home from a farmer's market in Virginia. I loved it so that's why I bought the set for the camper. I also bought 2 sets for friends. Thanks for the prompt service. I got them within 36 hours of my order. This is a great product and every one of my friends that sees it or uses it wants one. Brian

My Brother-in-law let me try his pig-tail food flipper while we were camping. It is a simple yet terrific cooking tool. I had to order a set. G. ChaltryI have been using my set of pigtails for about 5 years now and have ordered two more sets as gifts since. I am forever amazed at how readily this tool can be used for anything cooking! Thanks for a great product at a good price!

J. Marrone, Saint Paul, MN

I just wanted you to know that my husband, who loves to barbeque, thinks your Pig Tails are the most useful meat manager he has; and he has a lot. He is serious about this stuff. The first time my son saw him using one, he wanted to know where we got it. I had anticipated this; and ordered one for him too. They both are amazed by how useful they are. My son-in-law is not quite as avid a griller. I will ask my daughter if she thinks he would like to have one. Thank you for the pleasure of giving my husband a gift that he truly loves. S. Kaeder