I have to say that Sconyers is in the tops for me. I love their BBQ, fresh bread, potato salad and coleslaw. If you want both on your plate ask for a little bit of both. They will do this as one side. They always have tea left at the table and the staff are always helpful. Now the ultimate for me is the HASH!!!!! That's right I said Hash! Served over white rice or plain(the way I like it)it is the best I have ever had. Their chicken and skins also seem to be a hit. I will have to say I have never tried their ribs, but my friends seem to like them. As far as sauces, they have multiple varieties including a mild, hot, and special 1841 sauce which I reviewed under sauces. Sconyers is a real treat and you should consider them if you come through Augusta. Check out their address and phone number under the restaurant finder tab. CD